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Alright, I have a div which is 50px (height), and the width does not matter that has a title displayed. I want to use jquery, so when I hover over the div it expands upwards to (70px) to reveal the content hidden below the title

<div id="box">
<h1>Title Goes Here</h1>
<p>this is the hidden text</p>
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In HTML, content normally flows downwards. Are you sure you want an div to expend upward? – Yi Jiang Sep 7 '10 at 23:36
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This snippet should do the trick:

$(function() {
    $("#box").hover(function() {
        $("#box").animate({'height': '70px', 'top': "-20px"});
    }, function() {
        $("#box").animate({'height': '50px', 'top': "0px"});

Here's a live demo:

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}, function(){

EDIT: I just understood how you want to expand only upwards. I have just a solution for this, if your design permits this: use position:absolute and a bottom:x value. The box will expand upward

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Stop posting solutions without formatting them correctly or any explanation whatsoever. Also, the solution's syntax is obviously wrong, and even if it works, it's not answering the OP's questions - he want's slide, ie. animation, and also upward - this given no context would simply slide downwards – Yi Jiang Sep 7 '10 at 23:44
1) I tried to format corectly, that's why I edited my post. 2) I just seen that he wants it to be upwards so I came to put a comment for this: if your design permits using a position:absolute and a bottom:x should do the trick – cripox Sep 7 '10 at 23:48
@cripox You shouldn't use the code tag here - code is for inline code in HTML - you're looking for pre, and anyway Stack Overflow uses Markdown, which is cleaner than HTML - have a look at this – Yi Jiang Sep 7 '10 at 23:54
@Yi the syntax was wrong first and the formatting was not correct, but I edited my answer in a couple of minutes: formated and corrected the syntax. I just hit the add button quickly to see if I can be the first answer (i answered 3 posts and while I was writing there were many other answers) - so this was kind of an experiment. Sorry, I didn't thought you will be checking it so quick. – cripox Sep 7 '10 at 23:56
@cripox - Being the first to post isn't very useful if it's not a valid answer :) Post a useful answer quickly and that's great, but if it's not even formatted (which you can do in one button click) that's just a lack of effort IMO. – Nick Craver Sep 8 '10 at 0:03

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