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I'm running XAMPP on my local host, and i want phpmyadmin to add another field of server on login page, so i can manage an external mysql server as well..

Is that possible?


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in the phpMyAdmin config file add another configuration block, the file in question is , make sure that before the new configuration block you do $i++;

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It's actually pretty easy. Just add another block of code for the second server.

The configuration starts at: $i++;
The configuration ends before: // If you have more than one server configured...

Just copy and paste that (make sure you include $i++), and change the settings to the new server.

If that doesn't make sense, just click here.

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You need to adjust the configuration of the mysql server you want to connect to so it allows connecting from the outside.

I suggest you use MySQL Workbench to administrate your mysql server(s).

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phpmyadmin allows you to do this easily and shows a drop down on the login screen when there are multiple servers in your config, so should be very much possible without hacking any core code. – Sabeen Malik Sep 8 '10 at 1:01
You're right. Adjusted my post. – halfdan Sep 8 '10 at 1:07

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