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I'm looking for some comprehensive library for Silverlight on bullets/numbering. I've found a few, like Vector Light's RTB control, but most are lacking extended features of bullets/numbering that word processing programs have, like having the First Line Indent of a great value than the Hanging Indent (e.g. first line indent is 1 inch and hanging indent is .5 inch). Another example is customizing the size of the bullet/number Anyone know of good libaries for this for Silverlight?

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Check out the ordered/unordered list controls explained in this link. You can extend its functionality to acheive what you intend to do. I have used it to show hierarchical data using nested lists and found it fairly easy to modify it to my needs.

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+1. That's a good find! –  Stan Sep 11 '10 at 0:27

that implementation works for read-only content only.

What if you need to apply bullets/numbering/indent to selected-text in a RichTextBox? You have to programmatically find Paragraph elements inside selected-text and insert the corresponding character (bullet or number of tab) at the start of each Paragraph element.

Check out here for detailed explanation: http://www.codeding.com/?article=22

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