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I = Iterative and Incremental Development
M = Merciless Refactoring
P = Peer Reviews
A = Automated Functional Tests
C = Continuous Integration
T = Test Driven Development


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I don't understand the intent of this question. Seems rather pointless to me? – Ilja Preuß Dec 14 '08 at 14:24
Well I suppose he's trying to find out how people are approaching "IMPACT". I still think it's a little open ended – krosenvold Dec 14 '08 at 17:23

Right now, we are IMPT-ing. We are currently working on getting our CI up and running, and are having a hard-time bringing our testing team realize that there is more benefit to be had from doing both automated and manual testing as opposed to a strictly manual testing approach.

We should be IMPCT-ing in a fairly short amount of time - the hard part is trying to buy that last vowel. ;-)

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ImpACT at our place, m and p aren't capital because those aren't regular at least not yet but we do them from time to time.

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