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Here is my scenario:

(1) I have a TabBarController with the following:

      (A)  Navigation Controller (rootviewcontroller is a uitableviewcontroller) = Tab 0

      (B)  UIViewController = Tab 1

(2) The Navigation Controller is using a UISearchBar along with UISearchDisplayController

(3) I click into and enter a search into the search bar and then hit "Search" on the keyboard to dismiss keyboard, leaving the search results displayed.

(4) Then I click into Tab #1.

(5) Then I "Simulate Memory Warning"

(6). Click back to Tab #0

(7). Hit "Cancel" on the UiSearchBar

(8) VOILA! Navigation Bar is gone. Missing. Not there.

Any ideas?



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[self.navigationController setNavigationBarHidden:NO animated:YES];
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