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I've done some delving into AppleScript but I'm interested in how difficult and long it would take to make semi-useful Mac apps.

What really good resources besides Apple Documentation?

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or list some available options for programming on Mac - Leopard style apps that look good and most up-to-date coding... –  Devoted Dec 14 '08 at 12:01

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"Cocoa Programming For Mac OS X" from Aaron Hillegass. Nice book that gives you an introduction into Objective C and Cocoa programming.

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That book took me from knowing nothing at all about programming in Cocoa to producing a rather nice Jigsaw application in the space of about a month and a half. I thoroughly endorse stesch's choice. –  Jonathan Dec 21 '08 at 14:41

As stesch said "Cocoa Programming For Mac OS X" is the best book available for an introduction into Cocoa and Objective-C. However if you already know python or ruby you can easily make great looking applications using their cocoabindings.

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"how difficult and long it would take" depends on what you already know. If you can program in C, Java, or C++ with a good understanding of object-orientation and vague idea of how the model-view-controller design paradigm works, then you will be in good stead.

Come up with a small but interesting idea that will keep you motivated to continue learning Cocoa/Objective-C because the learning curve can be steep at the start.

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If you want to make widgets, they are actually little web pages, often with JavaScript.

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