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I'm used to work with ClearCase where I can see a visual representation of the code base in a tree structure view.

Do we have a similar tree for visual representation of SVN repository?


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Note: the version tree in ClearCase displays the history of both files and directories (since a directory records the files added or removed in it), each time it is committed.

alt text

The Subversion Revision Graph (also available as an Eclipse plugin) will display similar history, but sometimes with several nodes for a single revision:

First-time users may be surprised by the fact that the revision graph shows something that does not match the user's mental model.
If a revision changes multiple copies or branches of a file or folder, for instance, then there will be multiple nodes for that single revision.
It is a good practice to start with the leftmost options in the toolbar and customize the graph step-by-step until it comes close to your mental model

alt text

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It's called the "Revision Graph". You can find it using the TortoiseSVN client's menu.

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