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In order to embed resources in a SWF file, I have to add lines to my HXML file. However, since I'm using FlashDevelop, I don't know where to find that. Where should I put stuff I would ordinarily specify in my HXML?

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There's more detailed help about the projects settings you need in the haXe wiki.

You can use a custom .hxml file to build your project in FlashDevelop. Go to Project -> Properties.... Choose Custom Build as compilation target. Go to the Build tab and insert the following line in the Pre-Build Command Line field (assuming you named your build configuration compile.hxml and placed it in the root of the project directory):

$(CompilerPath)\haxe.exe $(ProjectDir)\compile.hxml
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Also worth mentioning - If you have spaces in either your Haxe install path or Project path, wrap them up in double-quotes (individually), like this: "$(CompilerPath)\haxe.exe" "$(ProjectDir)\compile.hxml" . I was struggling for a good 45mins / 1hour to figure out why I kept getting "Exception: The system cannot find the file specified" in FlashDevelop's Output Panel. There you have it! –  bigp Mar 6 '13 at 3:09
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At least in the case of specifying resources, you can do this by specifying a command line argument (right click the project in the Project view, select Properties..., then click Compiler Options > Additional Compiler Options and add it there).

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