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I'm working on a site which allows people to pay to stream videos online. I'm currently using JW Player to stream FLV/F4V files from Amazon S3, using a signature.

This method is extremely unstable, and needless to say, useless. I've heard I can use Amazon CloudFront as a CDN for my videos. But that it won't make the files any more secure, if I've understood it correctly.

Price is an important thing. I know hosting/streaming video is expensive, but what are my best options, for a cheap, reliable, and as-safe-you-can solution for me? I have very little hosting experience, so if I were to host a streaming server myself, I had to pay somebody to set it up.

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Red5 is a free and open source flash media server compatible:


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But that requires me to set up my own server. I preferably want to use a hosted solution. –  ronnyandre Sep 11 '10 at 10:35

Here's a list of Video Streaming Services


For instance Amazon CloudFront integrates with Amazon S3, there's no monthly fee, it's based on the amount of content delivered so you can account for it in the price a user pays to view a video ( sorry, it almost sounds like I'm promoting them , which is really not my intention, just giving an example :) )

As for security, I think the OSMF framework comes with a bunch of security features. More info here:


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As I mentioned, I've been thinking of using CloudFront and S3. How good security do I have? (ie. S3 only has time based signature key) –  ronnyandre Sep 8 '10 at 11:15

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