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I'm having issues getting Firefox to update a webpage when its class is changed dynamically.

I'm using an html "table" element. When the user clicks a cell in the table header, my script toggles the class back and forth between 'sorted_asc' and 'sorted_des.' I have pseudo element which adds an arrow glyph (pointing up or down) depending on which class the cell currently is.

.thead .tr .sorted_asc .cell:after {
  content: ' \25B2';

The problem is, that when you click the cell header a second time, the page doesn't update the arrow... until the user mouses away from the element. I think it's a bug as it works fine in Safari, and as I don't see any :hover tags in my CSS or other entries that might interfere.

Anyone seen this before, or know how to work around the issue?

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It's kind of cheesy, but since you're using javascript anyway, try this after you changed the className:

document.body.style.display = 'none';
document.body.style.display = 'block';

This will re-render the layout and often solves these kind of bugs. Not always, though.

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thanks. does the trick nicely –  username Dec 21 '08 at 16:29
well, it's a couple years later, but if you're still around i want to re-thank you :) this really helped me out –  username Dec 16 '11 at 19:55
Thanks, that's so nice! Glad to have been of help :) –  I.devries Dec 19 '11 at 8:57
I'd like to add that in some cases (not sure when), that this doesn't seem to work, but changing the opacity via document.body.style.opacity = '0.99999'; document.body.style.opacity = '1'; seemed to do the trick for me. –  Conexion Apr 1 '14 at 19:07

Would you be able to use different CSS to accomplish the same thing without relying on the :after pseudo-selector? You might be able to simple define a background-image which you align as needed (I assume you would want the arrow on the right hand side).

For example:

.thead .tr .sorted_asc .sorted_asc {
  background: url(images/down_arrow.png) no-repeat right;

.thead .tr .sorted_asc .sorted_des {
  background: url(images/up_arrow.png) no-repeat right;

I only suggest this since I assume there isn't a specific reason why you need to use the :after pseudo-class. If you do need to use it, please update.

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This is 2014 and none of the proposed solutions on this page seem to work. I found another way : detach the element from the DOM and append it back where it was.

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