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Microsoft released Microsoft Ribbon for WPF (you can download it here). At the moment I am using Infragistics Ribbon.

And question is: which one is better?

Infragistics Ribbon control has resource washing (wchich I am using) and I don't think that WPF Ribbon has it. Also I heard that WPF Ribbon has some bugs. But probably WPF Ribbon will load faster.

Could you share your opinion of this matter with me?

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I've never used the Microsoft Ribbon, but we do use the Infragistics toolset and it's just excellent. For shear functionality and customisation, as well as proper support and integration with other Infragistics components (like Comboboxes etc), it'd certainly be the choice for me.

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Also check out the free Fluent Ribbon control suite ->

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Thanks for link but I don't want to use any other Ribbon than Microsoft Ribbon for WPF or Infragistics Ribbon. – Cassandra Sep 9 '10 at 11:50
then I have to go with the Infragistics one... the MS one is still not up to par!!! – rudigrobler Sep 9 '10 at 12:14
Thanks for sharing your opinion. – Cassandra Sep 9 '10 at 12:49

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