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I need to get the name of my USB Drive.

Say I rename my USB Drive to "ZeroErrors".

and it is Drive letter "G:\" I want to use the drive letter to get the name of the USB Drive.

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Look at the DriveInfo class.

string name = new DriveInfo("g").VolumeLabel;

or for all removable drives:

         .Where(x => x.DriveType == DriveType.Removable)
         .Select(x => x.VolumeLabel)
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seems a little wasteful and non-obvious to be doing all of that for a single string... –  RCIX Sep 8 '10 at 9:51
@RCIX - You're right, edited. I forgot about the simple constructor to get a specific drive. –  Martin Harris Sep 8 '10 at 9:52

The following code should do the trick:

        DriveInfo drive = new DriveInfo("G:");
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This link on MSDN and this on CodeProject should help you to get informations from your drives (included the USB).

But instead of use the letter of the drive, use the reference number.

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