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I pressed SHIFT+DEL on source code file name in project tree in Visual Studio and it became grayed. What does it do? How can I undo?


UPDATE: Refactored hot-key name in the title. My apologies to all the parties affected.

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It's "cut". Generally, in Windows, it's the same as CTRL+X. You can undo it by either ignoring it, or pasting it back.

SHIFT+INS is the corresponding alternative to CTRL+V. Back in the DOS days, these were the shortcuts for copying, cutting, and pasting, I believe.

(And to be complete, CTRL+INS is copy)

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Oh thanks! I wonder why they plugged in this Windows behaviour into project tree controls? But it might be useful when you want to move a file to another project. –  Captain Comic Sep 8 '10 at 10:48

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