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Possible Duplicate:
C++ OpenSource project for beginner programmer?
How to find opensource projects looking for help ?
OpenSource Projects - Is there a site which lists projecs that need more developers?

hi all, I am a newbie and I need to join a open source project to contribute and enhance my C++ skills.

Anyone got a idea?

It should be a simple project for a newbie to start work.

I did little little projects already and have little little knowledge in Core C++ and STL, POSIX interfaces and Xlib and QT. please suggest me a opensource project to start reading the code.

--Thanks in advance--

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Since we don't know you, we cannot choose for you.

However, my general advice here would be to choose a project you have some interest in, not just something technical that you don't care about: you would loose your motivation quickly.

Take a look on SourceForge or Ohloh for instance: there are plenty of projects that might interest you.

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+1 "you would loose your motivation quickly" – log0 Sep 8 '10 at 12:34

Check out SourceForge or GitHub. There are lots of projects that you may be interested in.

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I know sourcforge and other project hosting sites for the opensource. – sandun dhammika Sep 9 '10 at 2:05

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