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I need to run several scheduled tasks remotely on a WinServer2003 machine. When my OS was WinXP-32 it worked quite fine with a command like "schtasks /run /s \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /tn ScheduledTaskName".

Now I upgraded my OS to Win7-64 and I always get errors like "Host not found" while with a WinXP system the remote call still works fine.

I have the credentials for a quite powerful user on the server. I can explore its file System without a special login and the command "schtasks /query /s \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" lists all the scheduled tasks on the server correctly.

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I found a workaround for this problem. I copied an old version (Windows XP 32bit) of schtasks.exe to my System and used it for the call. It worked. Weird. Bug or feature?

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