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Can JPQL execute LIKE expressions against enums?

If I have an entity Foo with an enum field bar I can execute the following in MySQL(bar is stored as a MySQL enum)...


However, the corresponding query in JPQL...


...complains that...

Parameter value [%SUFFIX] was not matching type [com.example.Foo$EnumType] 
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I don't think it's possible, the left part of a LIKE is supposed to be a string_expression (in standard JPA). From the specification:

4.6.9 Like Expressions

The syntax for the use of the comparison operator [NOT] LIKE in a conditional expression is as follows:

string_expression [NOT] LIKE pattern_value [ESCAPE escape_character]

The string_expression must have a string value. The pattern_value is a string literal or a string-valued input parameter in which an underscore (_) stands for any single character, a percent (%) character stands for any sequence of characters (including the empty sequence), and all other characters stand for themselves. The optional escape_character is a single-character string literal or a character-valued input parameter (i.e., char or Character) and is used to escape the special meaning of the underscore and percent characters in pattern_value.

And an enum_expression is not a string_expression.

The following would work though (using enum literals):

  FROM Foo f 
 WHERE = com.acme.Bar.SOME_CONSTANT 
    OR = com.acme.Bar.SOME_OTHER_CONSTANT

Another option would be to actually store the bar field as a String (and to do some conversion from and to an enum in the getter/setter).


  • JPA 1.0 Specification
    • Section 4.6.9 "Like Expressions"
    • Section 4.14 "BNF"
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I dug around for a while and I'm pretty sure you're right. – Pace Sep 8 '10 at 21:16
Awesome, have the same problem. Nice answer – Thang Pham Oct 12 '10 at 21:12

What JPA provider and version are you using?

This should work in EclipseLink 2.1.

Otherwise you could try applying a function to the enum to change it to a varchar, or use native SQL, or map it as a String instead.

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I'm currently using Hibernate though I'm trying to stick with pure JPA/JPQL. I ended up checking the type of the field that was being queried (through the JPA 2.0 criteria API). If the type was assignable from Enum then I casted the users argument to the appropriate enum value. – Pace Sep 17 '10 at 13:03

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