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We are writing a kind of industry dashboard that shows many graphical information coming from various sources.

Because one of these sources is a closed Unix application, we would need a XWindow terminal emulator which works as a Winform control.

Has somebody already used such a control, if it exists ?

Thanks a lot

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An XWindow terminal is pretty complex, I don't think you're going to find one specically targetting embedding in a Windows Forms application, since it is such a niche technology. Fortunately, Windows Forms supports embedding ActiveX controls, which opens up a whole other world of third-party controls. If you could find an embeddable XWindow terminal that is an ActiveX control, then you could possibly use that. I googled and found WinaXe, which is a windows-based XWindow terminal. From reading their literature, they seem to support embedding as an ActiveX control as well (see and do text search for ActiveX).

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Thank you very much. ActiveX technology went off my mind for unknown reasons. Although it's probably a little bit less obsolete than XWindows, it definitely worth a good search at. WinaXe sounds nice. I remember having used ReflectionX as a Windows based XTerm in the past, I wonder if they provide something too. – Larry Sep 12 '10 at 10:55

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