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I have a folder called myfolder, that has some items inside, like: item1, item2, item3, and etc.

When I added the portlet Navigation to the left column of the page, and entered on the folder myfolder, it showed me the links on the portlet like this:

  • item1
  • item2
  • item3

I want that the Navigation portlet shows me links on this exact sort:

  • item2
  • item1
  • item3

I know that I can go on the Content tab of myfolderenter code here, and drag each item to the position that I want.
But using this way, if I reinstall all my product on a new Plone Site, I lost my configuration. So I want to have this navigation order configured on my product, instead of only on a installed plone site, so that this change stays forever.

How can I do that?

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Solved: I could solve this by doing under the installation of the product:

#file: Extensions/Install.py
def install(portal):

    #...another steps from install

    portal = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_url')
    portal = portal.getPortalObject()

    portal.moveObjectsToTop(['item2', 'item1', 'item3', ])

Just this.

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