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Is there a way of detecting if a Controller is getting posted to directly, or the action is a result of a previous form being posted?

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Not sure if I understand your question, but if you are asking about the difference between a user typying in an address into their browser's address bar and pressing enter (accessing your page via the GET verb) vs. being already on a page and hitting a form submit button (usually a POST verb, though it can sometimes also be a GET) then you can look at the value of the HttpRequest.HttpMethod property:

public ActionResult MyMethod() {
  if(this.Request.HttpMethod == "POST") {
    // form submitted
  if(this.Request.HttpMethod == "GET") {
    // accessed directly

If you want to restrict your action method to only handle a particular http verb you can also use attributes:

public ActionResult MyMethod() {
  // only invoked if the request is a GET

public ActionResult MyMethod(string formInput) {
  // only invoked if the request is a POST
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I was thinking if the request was posted from a browser or was begin executed from something other than a browser. I assume the user-agent would be one place to check, but that can be spoofed I believe. – cory-fowler Sep 8 '10 at 18:45
@SyntaxC4 yes, any header information can be spoofed by the client. Perhaps you should clarify why you need to know this? – marcind Sep 8 '10 at 20:46

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