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Based on this question: Getting a modified preorder tree traversal model (nested set) into a <ul>

The logic bellow is used to build an ordered list, but how to do the same with an array?

I want to build a nested array.

// bootstrap loop
$result = '';
$currDepth = -1;  // -1 to get the outer <ul>
while (!empty($tree)) {
  $currNode = array_shift($tree);
  // Level down?
  if ($currNode['depth'] > $currDepth) {
    // Yes, open <ul>
    $result .= '<ul>';
  // Level up?
  if ($currNode['depth'] < $currDepth) {
    // Yes, close n open <ul>
    $result .= str_repeat('</ul>', $currDepth - $currNode['depth']);
  // Always add node
  $result .= '<li>' . $currNode['title'] . '</li>';
  // Adjust current depth
  $currDepth = $currNode['depth'];
  // Are we finished?
  if (empty($tree)) {
    // Yes, close n open <ul>
    $result .= str_repeat('</ul>', $currDepth + 1);

print $result;
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Ah, finally something for which references are handy:

$tree = array(
    array('Cat 1', 'depth' => 0),
    array('Cat 2', 'depth' => 1),
    array('Cat 3', 'depth' => 1),
    array('Cat 4', 'depth' => 2),
    array('Cat 5', 'depth' => 1),
    array('Cat 6', 'depth' => 2),
    array('Cat 7', 'depth' => 3),
    array('Cat 8', 'depth' => 1)
//same as before
$currDepth = -1;

//initilialize result
$result = array();

//create path structure for depths
$path = array();

//create 'root' node
$olditem = array('children'=> &$result);

foreach($tree as $item){
    if($item['depth'] > $currDepth){
        //remove possible old reference (old depth of other branch
        if(isset($path[$item['depth']])) unset($path[$item['depth']]);

        //make sure we have an array entry
        if(!isset($olditem['children'])) $olditem['children'] = array();

        //acquire target
        $path[$item['depth']] = &$olditem['children'];
    if($item['depth'] != $currDepth) unset($olditem);
    //set correct target
    $currDepth = $item['depth'];
    //add item
    $path[$currDepth][] = &$item;
    //copy & remove reference
    $olditem = &$item;
//always nice to clean up reference bombs:

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Thanks a lot! I've tested and works fine, now I'm trying to understand. Does the first unset on the path variable make useless its declaration outside the loop? $path = array(0 => array('children'=> &$result)); AND if(isset($path[$item['depth']])) unset($path[$item['depth']]); At the first loop it will be deleted. – TPH. Sep 14 '10 at 18:30
Hmm, you're right, that one can go, it was superseded by the $olditem I edited in later. I'll edit the answer just the slightest in a moment. – Wrikken Sep 14 '10 at 18:38
When you unset $olditem why this doesn't affect $path[$item['depth']] as it's passed by reference? I'm confunse on that part. Seems like this doesn't affect the final result, in other words, if I change, the reference value is affected, but not if I unset. – TPH. Sep 15 '10 at 13:53
Hmm, step-by-step reference explaining is quite some work, I'll see what I can do later this evening. – Wrikken Sep 15 '10 at 16:58
Either way, thanks! – TPH. Sep 15 '10 at 19:59

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