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In the string.xml file I use the following tag

<color name="mycolor1">#F5DC49</color>

If I use


it works, but


is not working.

How can I use the color defined in the XML file?

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TextView.setTextColor() takes an int representing the color (eg. 0xFFF5DC49) and not the resource ID from the xml file. In an activity, you can do something like:


outside of an activity you'll need a Context eg.

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without resources

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context.getResources().getColor is Deprecated.

You need to use ContextCompat.getColor(), which is part of the Support V4 Library (so it will work for all the previous API).

ContextCompat.getColor(context, R.color.my_color);

You will need to add the Support V4 library by adding the following to the dependencies array inside your app build.gradle:

compile '' # or any version above

If you care about theming, the documentation specifies that the method will use the context's theme:

Starting in M, the returned color will be styled for the specified Context's theme

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