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I am trying to do some very simple form validation checking for null or '' (empty) using a conditional, but when I submit my form with ALL BLANK FIELDS, it does the latter section of my code.

And when I fill out all of my fields it does that other part. So when they are blank, tell the user, which is the first section of the conditional, I have pasted my code below. Any suggestions on what I can do? Is it my "OR" or "AND"

if(((f_name <> null) or (f_name <> "")) or ((l_name <> null) or (l_name <> "")) or ((username <> null) or (username <> "")) or ((password <> null) or (password <> ""))) then
    response.write("You have not filled in all fields.")
    Set objConn = ConnectDB()
    query       = "INSERT INTO [user] (username,[password],f_name,l_name) VALUES ('"& username &"','"& password &"','"& f_name &"','"& l_name &"')"
    Set objs    = objConn.Execute(query)
    'Response.Redirect ("thankyou.asp")

end if
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  1. you do not need all the parentheses
  2. if fname et al are the textboxes, you need fname.Text instead
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classic asp, not asp.net...no .Text properties –  Runscope API Tools Dec 14 '08 at 21:00
Thank you guys! Appreciate the help. Ryan –  Coughlin Dec 14 '08 at 21:06
interesting that the accepted answer is downvoted; was it something i said? –  Steven A. Lowe Dec 15 '08 at 0:51
also interesting is that i don't know why this answer was accepted! –  Steven A. Lowe Dec 15 '08 at 1:05

In general it should be sufficient to check for empty string (such as f_name <> ""). I however usually do this with a trim and len. len(trim(f_name)) > 0. It takes care of all spaces. You should reconsider your parenthesis since they are not necessary. if len(trim(f_name)) > 0 or ... then

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