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Is there a good yacc/bison type LALR parser generator for .NET ?

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Antlr supports C# code generation, though it is LL(k) not technically LALR. Its tree rewriting rules are an interesting feature though.

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SableCC can generate c# code. It's pretty good but you need a few days to figure out how it all works, because the documentation ist not that great

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The Gardens Point Parser Generator looks good, however I've not had a chance to try it myself.

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Check out Gold. It is LALR compliant and supports lots of languages, if not the most. Gold can convert YACC and Bison type grammars.

If it does not suit your needs then check out this page.

Spirit is another LALR parser.

Also note that Mono created a variant of the Jay parser for their c# and .NET framework. Their c# compiler is, from what I can tell, production quality.

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Coco It's LL(k) but does a good job

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