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Google officially provides a C++ implementation of Google Protocol buffers, but I'm looking for a C implementation.

I will not be using it myself, but my hope is that I can use this tool to generate C code for our Google Protocol Buffer definitions which I can then hand of to the C developers.

I'm not looking for any RPC functionality, simply encoding and decoding of Google Protocol Buffer messages.

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Use protobuf-c (now at Github as protobuf-c).

From their official site:

This package provides a code generator and runtime libraries to use Protocol Buffers from pure C (not C++).

It uses a modified version of protoc called protoc-c.

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But from what I've read they are focussing on something other than the encoding and decoding of messages – TimothyP Sep 8 '10 at 22:15

There's also Nanopb which is more light-weight.

For example, it does not store message and field names in the code, so introspection (searching a field by name) is not possible.

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