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I want to use single form for several pages like a block. Sitecore always creates a new form for a page. How to share/reuse a form?

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Depends on weather you are using WFFM 1 or 2 but it is quite similar.

Go to "Presentation/Layout details" for the item (page) that holds the form. You will find a rendering called "Form Interpreter" click this.

If you are using WFFM2 there is a "FormID" field that has your form selected. Just add a similar rendering to every page that you want the form to appear in and select the same form.

For WFFM1 there would be a parameter called "FormID" and a sitecore ID, copy this ID and the same renderings to the other pages including the parameters.

Good luck, Larre

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There's an option to select a form to copy from. See paragraph 2.3.1 "Copying an Existing Form in the Page Editor" of this guide.

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Thank you. But it means you will have several copies forms as well as several reports at backoffice. I want one report. So this doesn't work for me. –  vitaliy kotik Sep 8 '10 at 22:44

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