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Since Popup doesn't derive from Control and doesn't have a template, how can I define a template so that all popups look the same? I need to design one that has a certain look and don't want to have to copy markup each time one is used.

This seems pretty easy but I can't figure out how to do it. The Child property defines a logical tree but I don't see how you can pull that out into a template and reuse it.

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Depends how you want your pop-ups to behave. If they're just for displaying information in a uniform manner, than you might want to have a class that derives from Window that has the standard formats and styling wrapped around a ContentPresenter then bind the content of the presenter to a property which can represent the custom information for each pop-up.

Then its just a matter of programatically inserting whatever custom content you want before displaying the pop-up window.

Hope it helps.

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