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Currently I have a one line batch file to back up a file. I run it manually when I need to back up a file. The only thing I would like to add to it is the current date. Here is what I have:


the destination file should simply be ACTIVE.DB.BACKUP.YYYYMMDD. How would I go about creating a script that will allow me to double click on it from Windows Explorer and make the xcopy happen?

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You can customize your filename by embedding a formatted [datetime]::now in the file name in PowerShell like so:

xcopy /W /Y ACTIVE.DB "ACTIVE.DB.BACKUP.$([datetime]::now.ToString('yyyy-MM-dd'))"

If the line feels busy and unmaintainable, you can refactor it to multiple lines:

$now = [datetime]::now.ToString('yyyy-MM-dd')

To get double-click execution, I usually make a batch file that runs the PowerShell command as described here:


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Just to point out that you can do this with Copy-Item e.g.:

Set-Location $path
Copy-Item ACTIVE.DB "ACTIVE.DB.$(get-date -f yyyyMMdd)" -Force -Confirm

If you're going for robust then I'd use robocopy.exe.

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