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Learning multiple programming languages

Over the past couple years, I've switched jobs, each one coming with new territory as far as programming. At the time, I was eager to take on any job and accepted a job just for the necessity of a job and picked up the development language as I went along.

However, I'm feeling like I know a good amount about various languages, but I'm not great at any single one of them. As I move forward, should I begin focusing on one single language or is it helpful to have a background in many and over time, become better in all of them?

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Both. Pick one and get better, but retain familiarity with many.

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It is useful to have some understanding of more than one language. Having more tools in your toolbox will mean that you can solve a wider range of problems.

But make sure that you also spend enough time to master one language well.

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Learn a lot of them. As you are exposed to more 'points of view' about computing, you'll find that your ability to problem solve will increase because your mind will be aware of more possibilities.

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