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The MSDN web page makes it sound easy to change application settings by hand. I can't find the file though. I can find the file in my development path, but I have no idea if that is the path the application is actually running in. I set a DB connection setting in "settings.settings" and now I want to change it on my machine. I understand that for my Foo.exe there is a Foo.exe.config, but I can't find it.

Where is it? How do I find it?

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I actually found it when I installed on a different machine but I couldn't tell you why it is here and if this is a cache or the "real" application file: C:\Documents and Settings\laqlu\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\9MNP3TX3.N7R\H7MCGW2O.1GY\drev..tion_21d5cfff11fb53be_0001.000‌​0_2da6fd46b18765ae – David W Sep 13 '10 at 22:21
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Refer to the section "Settings File Locations" in the following article:

The application-level settings and default user-level settings will be stored in yourProgram.exe.config in the same directory as the executable. The user-level settings are stored in user.config in a location which differs according to the deployment method.

The path you mention in C:\Documents and Settings\laqlu\Local Settings\Apps\... is not a cached file, it is the actual user-level settings file. Changing its content will affect your program.

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