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I am looking for some websites that have actual screenshots of web applications, as well as, things like login screens, grids/tables, edit forms, css examples and so on.

I find that looking at other applications helps with the creative process when designing and styling my own applications.

I am able to get quite a few by googling for images, but would like to see what other sites I may be missing.


I'm just looking for one stop websites ... for example, I am working on adding paging to a table of data ... would love to go to one place and see how other sites/applications are doing it.

Here is a compiled list of links so far:

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10 Answers 10

This one could help: http://patterntap.com

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Good stuff! Thanks! – mattruma Dec 15 '08 at 0:03
Great website, cheers! +1 – Andreas Grech Dec 15 '08 at 0:12

MiniAjax is a showroom of ajax snippets/solutions embeddable in web_apps. It's owned by John Reisig (the guy who created JQuery) but he's selling it. I guess this is better than static screenshots since you can see features in action.

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If you're looking for styling tips, then you might check out Smashing Magazine.

Specifically, you might do a search on that site for pagination. Here's a link that I got when I did that:


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Very cool! Thank you! – mattruma Dec 15 '08 at 1:51
+1 for smashing magazing – barfoon Dec 22 '08 at 9:36

What type of "web application"?

Because there's a lot of online application you can use. Just think about those you've use today. Did you read your e-mail online? Have any social-app account?

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I'm just looking for one stop websites ... for example, I am working on adding paging to a table of data ... would love to go to one place and see how other sites are doing it. – mattruma Dec 15 '08 at 0:04

If you're looking for inspiration checkout CSSRemix (Like the TheFWA but for HTML/CSS instead of Flash).

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I found some more sites:

I think I am going to start compiling a list in my original question.

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Found this very cool website http://www.smileycat.com/design_elements/. They have screen shots of login forms, footers, headers and so on! Good stuff!

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Indeed there is! http://browsershots.org/

Have fun! :)

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I think you need to reread the question – Jonas Klemming Dec 15 '08 at 0:22
Maybe he should re-write the question so you actually understands what it means. My answer, answered the topic and the overall blurry question :) – Filip Ekberg Dec 15 '08 at 7:47
You do not answer the question at all. – Patrick Desjardins Dec 15 '08 at 15:52

I found www.themeforest.net that has administration skins that could be used for user interface design.

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Infragistics just created a website dedicated to user interface design patterns that have some nice images of specific functionality. You can find it at http://quince.infragistics.com/.

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