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Hey; long time reader first time poster...
Here's the requirement I have for an FTP upload process which requires an alpha sequence embedded in the file name:

Files must be sent using the following naming convention:
<logonid>.manifest Example: mmcw93.manifest

If sending multiple separate files, in one session or in multiple sessions within a few minutes of each other, use the following naming convention for subsequent files to avoid overwriting your previous file(s).

Example: mmcw93a.manifest
Begin with the letter a for the sequence identifier and continue with b, c, etc. for subsequent files.

It's the second section where the seq is an alpha character. I can figure out a process for calculating a through z but what would be an elegant process for generating the sequence once it's aa, ab ... zz etc?

what I have access to is: "string.Format("{0}{1}.manifest", UserID, GetSequence(files.Count)"

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Excel does pretty much exactly this, and there's plenty of solutions to the "excel column" problem here on SO, e.g., here.

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heh, I hadn't though of taking an Excel angle on the problem, thanks. – richardD Sep 8 '10 at 22:37

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