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My question is similar to this one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3061804/choose-a-xml-node-in-sql-server-based-on-max-value-of-a-child-element except that my column is NOT of type XML, it's of type nvarchar(max).

I want to extract the XML node values from a column that looks like this:


How can I extract the values '1234' and 'Something' ?

doing a convert and using the col.nodes is not working. CONVERT(XML, table1.col1).value('(/Data/el1)[1]','int') as 'xcol1',

After that, I would like to do a compare value of el1 (1234) with another column, and update update el1 as is. Right now I'm trying to just rebuild the XML when passing the update: ie

Update table set col1 ='<Data><el1>'+@col2+'</el1><el2>???</el2>
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You've got to tell SQL Server the number of the node you're after, like:


Full example:

declare @t table (id int, col1 varchar(max))
insert @t values (1, '<Data><el1>1234</el1><el2>Something</el2></Data>')

select  CAST(col1 as xml).value('(/Data/el1)[1]', 'int')
from    @t


SQL Server provides a modify function to change XML columns. But I think you can only use it on columns with the xml type. Here's an example:

declare @q table (id int, col1 xml)
insert @q values (1, '<Data><el1>1234</el1><el2>Something</el2></Data>')

update  @q
set     col1.modify('replace value of (/Data/el1/text())[1] with "5678"')

select  *
from    @q


At the end of the day, SQL Server's XML support makes simple things very hard. If you value maintainability, you're better off processing XML on the client side.

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