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I used Drew Wilson's autocomplete, its really well made but poorly documented. I am able to initialize the autocomplete plugin, but i cannot get the values selected.

I tried using this:

$("#txtReceipient").autoSuggest(data.items, {
                    minChars: 2,
                    matchCase: false,
                    selectedItemProp: "name",
                    searchObjProps: "name",
                    selectedValuesProp: "value",
                    startText: "Type the name of the receipient here"

and tried to retrieve the values by:


I'm getting undefined value as the alert returns. im at the end of my wits. help!

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Yeah, it is not documented well.
But if you look at the "jquery.autoSuggest.js" you can find the answer. There he's given some default options like this:

var defaults = { 
            asHtmlID: false,
            startText: "Enter Name Here",
            emptyText: "No Results Found",
            preFill: {},

Here "asHtmlID" property is set to false by default. if you provide any name while initiating autosuggest then you can easily get values from it.

for example,

  $("#txt").autoSuggest(data.items, {selectedItemProp: "name", searchObjProps: "name", startText: "", keyDelay: 50, minChars: 1,asHtmlID: "username" });    

for the above example if you alert like,


you'll get the value. Hope it'll help some users in future..

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solved it.

a straightforward documentation would have helped a lot:

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