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    tmp_pipe,                // __in       HANDLE hNamedPipe, 
    NULL,                  // __out_opt  LPVOID lpBuffer, 
    0,                     // __in       DWORD nBufferSize, 
    NULL,                  // __out_opt  LPDWORD lpBytesRead, 
    &totalBytesAvailable,  // __out_opt  LPDWORD lpTotalBytesAvail, 
    NULL                   // __out_opt  LPDWORD lpBytesLeftThisMessage 

I have written bytes to the pipe somewhere else,but totalBytesAvailable is always 0,why?

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Which language are you using? Are you sure the function or previous function calls did not return an error? –  YWE Sep 9 '10 at 20:57

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It's an old question but I haven't found the answer online so I figured I'd answer it anyway. You have to loop until the pipe reads, here's my working code:

DWORD bytesAvail;
    if( !PeekNamedPipe(pipeHandle, NULL, 0, NULL, &bytesAvail, NULL) ){
        printf("PeekNamedPipe error %d.\n", GetLastError()); //error check
printf("Bytes available: %d\n", bytesAvail);

Of course, this only works if you are sure there is data waiting to be read, otherwise you will be stuck in an endless loop because there isn't actually data to be read, so it will always be 0.

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