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 function new_review(){
    $.post('restaurant_profile/get_dg_new_restaurant_review', {}, function callback(response) {

Hi I have a function that does an jQuery ajax post to a controller function. The function outputs a simple string using the PHP echo function.

The function works fine if I don't have any URI segments after the controller name in initial page load.


If for example the page was loaded with a index function and the URI segment contained the index function


The response from the controller is all of the string output from the index function. this is entire page HTML. I only want the text from the et_dg_new_restaurant_review function

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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actually i figured it out. the post url must be the full url

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actually it does not need a full url, you can try this:


if you have done the Route Rewrite (to hide/remove the need of index.php), you can use this:


jsut remember to start your url with "/"

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