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I read an article on a website and it mentioned something about semantic open databases. I tried googling this term but could not determine what the term meant. Here is the article here:


  • new data created from scratch to motivate users to do the same thing.

  • a tool to import data from external open existing databases (such as semantic open databases).

  • the translations of the website interface or some open data in several languages to be used worldwide more easily.

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I've worked at an R&D company that worked on a semantic web data store, and I've never heard that specific term, "semantic open database." I assume it was made up by the authors of the proposal you linked to.

Perhaps they mean any source of semantic data using open standards like RDF and OWL. Their grant proposal is pretty vague.

Have you considered contacting the authors to ask what they meant?

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Thank you for your answer - I wll do just that –  Luke101 Sep 9 '10 at 15:05

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