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I am getting started with openCL on .NET. How is openTK compared to openCL.NET - which is better?

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Neither, they're not to be compared. Apples and oranges and stuff like that :)

OpenTK is a C# interface to OpenGL. OpenCL.Net is a C# interface to OpenCL.

OpenGL is OpenGL, built for one purpose. OpenCL is OpenCL, built for another purpose.

OpenTK has OpenCL.Net bindings, so you can actually use OpenCL with OpenTK.

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The OpenCL bindings were moved from OpenTK to Cloo (sourceforge.net/projects/cloo), as that would allow both projects to be more flexible and develop faster. Other than that, you are pretty much spot on. –  The Fiddler Dec 14 '10 at 21:29

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