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There is an option in UITextView properties to detect address from the the text view text. However I am not able to do that. The text view is not in editable mode.

Do you know how to detect address from text view? Is there a format that the address must have to be detected from the text view?

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I realize this answer is 3 years too late, but I was recently struggling with a similar problem (data detector for phone on mapview). I had datadetectors turned on, and had editable turned off -- but I found that if I added a "\n" to the end of the string, the detector suddenly started working.

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A UITextView won't automatically detect if text entered in the control is an address or provide you with the data you need to map the address on a map. It is simple a control to display arbitrary text data to the user:

You typically use a text view to display multiple lines of text, such as when displaying the body of a large text document.

I am not familiar with any algorithms to detect an address from a block of text, but if you work that part out, you can use geocoding to translate from the address to the latitude/longitude value you need to display it on a map.

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@aj If there is anything I can add to this answer. Let me know. –  RedBlueThing Oct 7 '10 at 13:33

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