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Visual Studio 2010 shows '{...}' in the debugger as the value for a Javascript variable. The type is object. How can I view the contents of the variable? There's no expansion icon.

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Probably the object variable has no properties. Any object which has no properties will show the value as "{...}"

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The variable was used in an equation as in var callback = somefunctionname and then it was used as an argument to a function. Then callback showed as {...} in the debugger. – Tony_Henrich Sep 10 '10 at 0:46

You could check in in code with the following:

var obj = {mem:1};

for (var a in obj)
    alert(a); //alert the object member
    alert(eval("obj." + a)); //alert the member value

See it at this fiddle:

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A function was assigned to the variable. Visual Studio doesn't seem to show anything when a function is assigned to a variable.. There's more information in Firebug.

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