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Timezone information for Java are kept in a folder called "zi". For eg. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk6\jre\lib\zi

files in this folder are in binary format. But it is very important for me to see exactly what they say.

Can anyone share a way, to read these files, or are they Sun proprietary?

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Like almost all current operating systems and other software environments. Java uses the zoneinfo format for timezone information. You can start with the Wikipedia page, or just Google for zoneinfo.

There are a number of tools to process zoneinfo files, you should be able to extract the information you're looking for.

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You will find here a good example of zoneinfo updating process, with the tzupdater tool.

Note that different versions of the jdk include different versions of the Olson timezone data, involving different versions of the tzupdater tool.

Java have its timezone in its own format.

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