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I have a the following situation: pages has many groups.

Now i am trying to find the first page who hasn't got a group with activerecord. I tried things like this:

Page.find(:first, :joins => :groups, :select => 'DISTINCT `pages`.*')

but of course no luck so far.

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This is more an SQL problem than ActiveRecord. What you need is to join the 2 tables but select those who are not referenced in the join table.

Page.first(:include => :groups, :conditions => ["`#{Group.table_name}`.id IS NULL"]
# The opposite query would be
Page.first(:include => :groups, :conditions => ["`#{Group.table_name}`.id IS NOT NULL"]
# Note that this slightly different than just: 
Page.first(:include => :groups)
# This produces a IN query, rather than join.

Also :joins does not work because it creates a INNER JOIN, as opposed to OUTER JOIN which is required in this case.

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YEs this is even better! (i solved the problem with looping through all the pages.. not really efficient ;) ) .. thanxs!:D –  heldopslippers Sep 9 '10 at 9:22

One solution could be to add a counter_cache for the groups.

In Group.rb

belongs_to :page, :counter_cache => true

Then, you need to create a migration

def self.up
  add_column :pages, :groups_count, :integer, :default => 0

  Page.find(:all).each do |p|
    Page.update_counters p.id, :groups_count => p.groups.length

def self.down
  remove_column :pages, :groups_count

So, now you could do:

Page.first(:conditions => { :groups_count => 0 })
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Ok yes this would work. BUT i don't really like it that i should create another migration for just this simple statement. :( Then i just could do it with sql.. But thanxs! –  heldopslippers Sep 9 '10 at 8:22

Something like:

          :select => "pages.*, count(groups.page_id) group_count", 
          :joins => :groups, 
          :group => "pages.id having group_count = 0)
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