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i'm new to appcelerators titanium and javascript and i'm interested in coding an iphone app. i recognized that there is a need of "many" code for creating the UI. that's no problem so far, but i tend to separate that code from my application logic wisely. what are the best practices?

[update] tweetanium is a great example how to structure a titanium mobile application

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i'll have a try:

i tend to use the mvc-pattern for developing my application since implementing all stuff in one single js-file is quite ugly. so i decided to use one file for the view and all the stuff concering the look-and-feel, one file for the database handling (the controller), especially the sql-statements, and one file for the abstract data type (the model).

a short example:

view: viewConcerningObject.js


var win = Ti.UI.currentWindow;
var myObject = new object();

var myObjectName = Ti.UI.createLabel({


model: object.js


function object(){
   this.name = 'myInitialName';

      return this.name;

      this.name = newName;

      this.name = getNameFromDatabase();


controller: controllerConcerningObject.js

function getNameFromDataBase(){
   var db = Ti.Database('objects');
   var sql = 'SELECT name FROM objects';
   var recordset = db.execute(sql);
   var name  = recordset.field(0);
   return name;

so the folder structure could be like this:

myProject: folderView(viewConcerningObject.js), folderModel(theDatabase.db,object.js), folderController(controllerConcerningObject.js).

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ok, i just found a cool practice.

i include the con_file.js with the application logic the view_file.js with


now i'm able to access the hole data structure.

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You could also try commonJS: wiki.appcelerator.org/display/guides/Mobile+Best+Practices –  Julian Jan 30 '12 at 0:09

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