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I'm trying to determine how my crc compares to an "ideal" 32bit crc.

So I ran my crc over 1 million completely random samples of data and collected the amount of collisions, I want to compare this number to the number of collisions I could expect from the "ideal" crc.

Does anyone know how to calculate the expected collision for an "ideal" 32bit crc?

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Compare your own CRC with 0x1EDC6F41 as your "ideal" reference.

Having said that, there is no ideal 32-bit CRC. Different polynomials have different collision characteristics depending on the length of data hashed. However, a paper by Castagnoli in 1993 found what is considered the best 32-bit CRC value over the broadest range of data lengths, which is 0x1EDC6F41. This polynomial is used by some network protocols like iSCSI and also the x86 CRC32 instruction.

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This explains beautifully the "Birthday Problem" and all about predicting the collision probability CRC32 Hash Collision Probability

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