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I know that I can list all the keybidings avaliable in emacs by using C-h b, but is it possible to list only the keybindings that apply to a certain mode, say dired-mode.

In dired+, I can do


and it shows me all the applicable dired mode keybindings.


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use C-h m or M-x describe-mode

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M-x describe-minor-mode for a particular minor mode. – Jérôme Radix Sep 9 '10 at 11:45

Not sure what the question is. C-h b shows you all of the key bindings currently available (i.e., in the current mode).

If you want to see only the key bindings provided by a mode's own keymap, then use library help-fns+.el and hit C-h M-k. You are prompted for the keymap variable (e.g. dired-mode-map).

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