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Is there any way to have textual content of controls on a TableLayoutPanel align themselves properly? I've got labels in column 0, and textboxes (or occasionally ComboBox or NumericUpDown controls) in column 1, but the text in the label is usually a pixel or two out (vertically) on most rows.

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You can set following properties:

for Label
1.Autosize= false;
2.TextAlign= MiddleLeft;

for Controls like Combobox,Textbox

goto View -> Toolbars -> Layout

Now you can give layout of your controls very easily by the Toolbar by selecting Multiple Controls at a Time............

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Need to remove Top anchor also. – Der_Meister Jul 9 '14 at 17:45

worked on it, few days back. i got everything as required. try this...

-detach label from Tablelayoutpanel
-put dockstyle to top
-put anchor points none
-TextAlign= MiddleLeft
then just place it in the table layout column
Make sure, the row style height must match label height if you

have a label backcolor.

For Textboxes
-detach textboxes from Tablelayoutpanel
-put dockstyle to none
-put anchor points none
-TextAlign= MiddleLeft (or as required)
then just place it in the table layout column

Hope that helps

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Select all the controls in your table layout panel. In the properties tab ensure anchor set to 'left'. I think it defaults to 'top,left'.
Hope that sets things straight.

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Did you even try? – quantum Oct 20 '12 at 1:09

I'd recommend leaving the anchors as they are and just adding a top margin to the controls that are too high. A margin of 3,6,3,0 is normal for me when I'm adding labels. As Javed said you can select multiple controls by control clicking. It irritates me that ComboBoxes are one pixel larger than Texboxes. Can't do much about that though.

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Oh, you mean that text baseline for label is different than for other controls? If so, try to remove vertical anchors. You may play with margins as well.

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Tried that, but it doesn't work with everything; Comboboxes are still badly aligned. – Flynn1179 Oct 6 '10 at 11:06

What I usually do is put them in a container eg a panel and anchor them relatively to that. The advantages of adding a container is you can also reduce the no of Win handlers. In that case that wouldn't matter , because you already have the TablelayoutPanel so basically for all the controls you only have a single handler.

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