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Part of a bigger design issue really. But does anybody know why customizing EditForm.aspx of a Doc lib breaks the Upload function? and how to fix it so it does not. My version of the editform works great, but after an upload I get Unknown Error

the resulting url looks like this:


The bigger design issue - disregard if you like:

That said, the bigger design issue is we are trying to relate one list row to many documents, but don't want to seperate the docs into seperate folders and would like the solutoin to be seamless. We are going to add a look up from the doc lib to the list, but did not want to use anythng but the List's ID column. However, we do not want users to have to manually look up row IDs, and we did not want to use a list column that can be edited, even if we can add a unique column policy.

My design and thinking is to build a few custom pages with dataviews to show row level details in both lists (1 to many) and a dataview to drive list level functions like edit, delete and upload docs. I think all the pieces are there except for the less than graceful upload function that fist uploads the file and then asks the user to edit columns like title and maybe that lookup column. I was hoping to edit the page it would not even ask for the list ID for the lookup, maybe grab it from a session variable (I know.. I know... that's less than optimal). Bascially - trying to think of a way (with minimal code) to send the upload page the List row ID to use when uploading the new file so that the user does not have to select it.

Thank you.

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How are you customizing the EditForm.aspx? SharePoint Designer? We need more information to diagnose why it is broken. Shouldn't the list just be a Lookup field on each document? –  Kit Menke Sep 9 '10 at 13:22
Yes SharePoint designer. Create a custom form list pointing back to that form in edit mode. The form itself seems to work. I'm on 2007 RTM and read there might be a patch for this, but we can't upgrade until November. thanks. –  cyberpine Sep 9 '10 at 21:10

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