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What are the differences between User Control and Custom Control in ASP.NET

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AFAIK, user controls are controls that you can create out of existing controls and can be part of the project and have a designer surface for you to drag/drop.

Custom controls are generally external to the project & would require to be hand-coded (using various control events & html building in the code).

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so user control will remain for that website only, and custom control for all other projects,i mean it can be placein tool box ami right –  Surya sasidhar Aug 8 '10 at 5:08
@Surya: Yes. However, user control can be part of another project if all the other control (it depends on) are available in another project. –  shahkalpesh Aug 9 '10 at 5:21

User Controls are inherit from UserControl class by system default and can combine controls in terms of specific UI case and can have UI logic as well and reuse again and again anywhere within project.

Custom Controls are inherits from Control class (that you can change any control type what you want to customize) and generally use to add extra ability to an existing UI controls.

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Difference between Web User Controls and Web Custom Controls in ASP.Net.

Why Web User Controls and Web Custom Controls?

If none of the existing ASP.NET server controls meet the specific requirements of your applications, you can create either a Web user control or a Web custom control that encapsulates the functionality you need. The main difference between the two controls lies in ease of creation vs. ease of use at design time.

If your control has a lot of static layout, a user control might make sense. If your control is mostly dynamically generated — for instance rows of a data-bound table, nodes of a tree view, or tabs of a tab control — a custom control would be a better choice.

Read more detailed article here.

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