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I have little scraping application and trying to add multithreading to it. Here is code (MyMech is WWW::Mechanize subclass used to process HTTP errors):


use strict;
use MyMech;
use File::Basename;
use File::Path;
use HTML::Entities;
use threads;
use threads::shared;
use Thread::Queue;
use List::Util qw( max sum );

my $page   = 1;
my %CONFIG = read_config();

my $mech = MyMech->new( autocheck => 1 );

$mech->get( $CONFIG{BASE_URL} . "/site-map.php" );

my @championship_links =
  $mech->find_all_links( url_regex => qr/\d{4}-\d{4}\/$/ );

foreach my $championship_link (@championship_links) {

    my @threads;

    my $queue           = Thread::Queue->new;
    my $queue_processed = Thread::Queue->new;

    my $url = sprintf $championship_link->url_abs();

    print $url, "\n";

    next unless $url =~ m{soccer}i;


    my ( $last_round_loaded, $current_round ) =
      find_current_round( $mech->content() );

    unless ($last_round_loaded) {

        print "\tLoading rounds data...\n";


            form_id => "leagueForm",
            fields  => {

                round => $current_round,

    my @match_links =
      $mech->find_all_links( url_regex => qr/matchdetails\.php\?matchid=\d+$/ );

    foreach my $link (@match_links) {


    print "Starting printing thread...\n";

    my $printing_thread = threads->create(
        sub { printing_thread( scalar(@match_links), $queue_processed ) } )

    push @threads, $printing_thread;

    print "Starting threads...\n";

    foreach my $thread_id ( 1 .. $CONFIG{NUMBER_OF_THREADS} ) {

        my $thread = threads->create(
            sub { scrape_match( $thread_id, $queue, $queue_processed ) } )
        push @threads, $thread;

    undef $queue;
    undef $queue_processed;

    foreach my $thread ( threads->list() ) {

        if ( $thread->is_running() ) {

            print $thread->tid(), "\n";

    #sleep 5;

print "Finished!\n";

sub printing_thread {

    my ( $number_of_matches, $queue_processed ) = @_;

    my @fields =
      qw (

    while ($number_of_matches) {

        if ( my $match = $queue_processed->dequeue_nb ) {

            open my $fh, ">>:encoding(UTF-8)", $CONFIG{RESULT_FILE} or die $!;

            print $fh join( "\t", @{$match}{@fields} ), "\n";
            close $fh;



sub scrape_match {

    my ( $thread_id, $queue, $queue_processed ) = @_;

    while ( my $match_link = $queue->dequeue_nb ) {

        my $url = sprintf $match_link->url_abs();

        print "\t$url", "\n";

        my $mech = MyMech->new( autocheck => 1 );


        my $match = parse_match( $mech->content() );
        $match->{url} = $url;


    return 1;

And i have some strange things with this code. Sometimes it run but sometimes it exit with no errors (at the ->detach point). I know that @match_links contain data but threads are not created and it just close. Usually it terminates after processing second $championship_link entry.

May be i'm doing something wrong?

Update Here is code for find_current_round subroutine (but i'm sure it's not related to the question):

sub find_current_round {

    my ($html) = @_;

    my ($select_html) = $html =~ m{


    my ( $option_html, $current_round ) = $select_html =~ m{

    (<option\s+value="\d+"(?:\s+ selected="selected")?>(\d+)</option>)\Z

    my ($last_round_loaded) = $option_html =~ m{selected};

    return ( $last_round_loaded, $current_round );
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Your code is missing the find_current_round subroutine. Could you post it as well? –  Zaid Sep 9 '10 at 14:00
@Zaid: I have posted code for the find_current_round. –  gangabass Sep 10 '10 at 0:34

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First off - don't use dequeue_nb(). This is a bad idea, because if a queue is temporarily empty, it'll return undef and your thread will exit.

Use instead dequeue and and end. dequeue will block, but once you end your queue, the while will exit.

You're also doing some decidedly odd things with your threads - I would suggest that you rarely want to detach a thread. You're just assuming your thread is going to complete before your program, which isn't a good plan.

Likewise this;

    my $thread = threads->create(
        sub { scrape_match( $thread_id, $queue, $queue_processed ) } )

You're spawning a thread, and then instantly joining it. And so that join call will... block waiting for your thread to exit. You don't need threads at all to do that...

You also scope your queues within your foreach loop. I don't think that's a good plan. I would suggest instead - scope them externally, and spawn a defined number of 'worker' threads (and one 'printing' thread).

And then just feed them through the queue mechanism. Otherwise you'll end up creating multiple queue instances, because they're lexically scoped.

And once you've finished queuing stuff, issue a $queue -> end which'll terminate the while loop.

You also don't need to give a thread a $thread_id because ... they already have one. Try: threads -> self -> tid(); instead.

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