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I have created an installer with Windows Installer XML 3.5 from within the Visual Studio 2010. The installer itself works pretty well but now I would like to change it's default language from english (1033) to german (1031). Therefore I changed the language attribute within the product tag to "1031" which should do the magic as far as I know but nothing happens. The language is still english.

<Product Id="MyProductId" Name="NameOfMyApp" Language="1031" Version="MyVersionNumber" Manufacturer="MyCompany" UpgradeCode="MyUpgradeCode">

What am I missing here?

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For me I had to do both, setting the de-de Culture in the Project-Properties like Jav shows in his picture and also set the Language to 1031 in the Product.wxs File. –  Gregor Valentin Jun 25 at 19:56

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You need to specify the language (culture) on the command line when building as described here (or in the project properties when you are using Votive):

WiX Tutorial - Do you speak English?

candle.exe SampleWixUI.wxs
light.exe -ext WixUIExtension -cultures:de-de SampleWixUI.wixobj
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Thanks! The project properties dialog was the hint I was missing! :) –  Marcus Sep 9 '10 at 13:51

You can also do it in Visual Studio: Project - Properties - Build - Cultures to build.

Select language for WIX installer in Visual Studio

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