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I installed a Drupal 6 appliance in VMWare workstation for the development of a new site. I realize that I could have choosen a Windows-based VM that comes with its own GUI, and this problem wouldn't be one. I do prefer the lean and headless Linux VM, though, because it is much more efficient with resources of the host computer, and I can run more VMs. The problem that I am facing though is that editing the sources in VI in a terminal window is not ideal. I am wondering if there are any ways to seamlessly edit the Drupal theme files in the Windows host, short of installing Samba in the VM? By "best" I mean a combination of easy configuration and productivity gain over VI(M). Is there maybe a browser-based solution?

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Another option that I found is the text editor that comes with Webmin, but that is even less productive than VI. I ended up setting up a Samba share. With Webmin, it only took a few minutes to set up. I can now access my files from the Windows explorer and use my favorite text editor.

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